About Us

Oblyon Finance and its Investors Club draws on a decade of experience gathered in the art industry.

Within this time span, Oblyon established itself as one of the go-to operators in this sophisticated market; transacting in excess of 150 million dollars worth of securitized loans and equity investments. Managing the intricacies of structured finance and meeting the demands of qualified and institutional investors creates the basis for Oblyon new structuring and its development into a full-fledged international financial operator. Oblyon Finance is the result of a professional and personal engagement. This development has been possible due to the commitment of Oblyon’s core business and its long-standing partners.

Oblyon is now structured to capitalize and pay tribute to this statement by acting as an aggregator and accelerator of specific market investment opportunities, focusing on clients that are not only looking for an economical return, but also want to be part of how that return is selected, analyzed, generated and achieved. Oblyon Finance approach is about making a positive impact through business just as much as it is about the process which leads to that impact. This is the core of our values developed from years of experience in the art industry: every piece of business is about engaging, managing, and nourishing personal connections, making sure they thrive and grow.

As a result we aim to create new opportunities to re-connect in a positive chain of commitment to guarantee economic performance, whilst creating an effective management tool. Personal trust, long-standing and wide-ranging business connections mixed with in-depth and contextual market knowledge are intangible assets that make of Oblyon Finance a solid reality in todays fragmented financial landscape. These values coupled with pro-activity and flexibility make for tailor made investment offerings with an innovative operating model.


(Mission & Values)

Ancient history and a vision of the future collide with advanced technological research and innovation moved by the continuous quest for meaning, growth and excellence. From Greenland’s hand-carved wooden maps to a space mission to the Moon, mankind never ceased to amaze and astound, looking for joy and hope, despite all contingencies and difficulties of a given time. The journey for a different understanding of things, the desire to project ourselves into the future, to leave a positive undeletable mark in our time, and the will to create new connections; these are the values and aspirations guiding us in our daily dealings.

Our take on investments is based on an enriching and personal journey, by creating opportunities to acquire new knowledge, to connect and gain a new perspective.

We believe that without cultural growth there cannot be real wealth.

In addition, in today’s ecosystem, you have the power to change the world with your investments. Sustainable investing is a strategy for achieving personal financial success coupled with environmental, social and governance-related (ESG) goals. From appreciation of humanist values in Old Masters and Contemporary Art to cutting edge application of renewable energy technologies, the investment landscape offers multiple solutions to support future generations. The Oblyon team will help you investigate the right opportunities, structure optimal investments and achieve your personal and financial goals.



Oblyon is present in Milan, Barcelona, New York City, Houston, Miami and Los Angeles with affiliated or operating companies in Asia and West Africa.

With a global presence, our origination capability is robust and we are positioned to answer our client’s needs throughout Europe, the US and Emerging Markets.

As a consequence, Oblyon provides investment and financial solutions across multi-alternative asset classes including real estate, energy, infrastructure, healthcare, specialty finance, art and media.

Our method is to identify investable assets with upside potential that can be de-risked through a rigorous due diligence process coupled with financial and legal structuring and partnering with experienced operators, managers and industry specialists.

Our team's combined skillset and experience enable Oblyon to perform the bottom-up, asset specific analysis required to make fundamental investment decisions in portfolio companies.

Oblyon’s principals have a proven track record of funding, building and monetizing successful public and private companies.

With a strong operations background, our principals have helped raise and successfully deploy over US$1.4 Billion.


To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer,
to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.