Art Financing for
the XXI Century

Old Masters Senior Secured Acquisition Financing Details


Our investments and loan products are designed to provide clients with access to liquidity when most needed.

We can help you to expand inventory, capitalize on attractive buying opportunities, purchase on your behalf, generate liquidity to invest in unrelated business ventures and cover short term operating needs, among many other uses.

Term Loans, Lines of Credit and Acquisition Financing

  • Generate liquidity from idle art assets
  • Rapid access to capital
  • Leverage existing assets to make new acquisitions
  • Asset specific encumbrances; insulate other assets from leverage
  • Unlike banks, we follow an asset based, not cash flow based, underwriting process

Dealer Inventory Financing

  • Increase buying power by leveraging existing inventory for acquisitions
  • Retain greater percentage of upside by eliminating need for equity partners
  • Fluid collateral substitutions provide flexibility for dealers
  • Advances based on inventory value, not cash flow from the business

Bridge Loans and Auction Advances

  • Generate short term liquidity in advance of a sale
  • Strengthens a seller’s negotiating position with sale channels
  • Allows for a process of orderly liquidation of assets for estate planning purposes