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About Oblyon Finance

Ancient history and a vision of the future collide with advanced technological research and innovation moved by the continuous quest for meaning, growth and excellence.

From Greenland’s hand-carved wooden maps to a space mission to the Moon, mankind never ceased to amaze and astound, looking for joy and hope, despite all contingencies and difficulties of a given time. The journey for a different understanding of things, the desire to project ourselves into the future, to leave a positive undeletable mark in our time, and the will to create new connections; these are the values and aspirations guiding us in our daily dealings.

Our take on investments is based on an enriching and personal journey, by creating opportunities to acquire new knowledge, to connect and gain a new perspective.

We believe that without cultural growth there cannot be real wealth.


You have the power to change the world with your investments. Sustainable investing is a strategy for achieving personal financial success as well as environmental, social and governance-related (ESG) goals. From appreciation of humanist values in Old Masters and Contemporary Art to cutting edge application of renewable energy technologies, the investment landscape offers multiple solutions to support future generations. The Oblyon team will help you investigate the right opportunities, structure optimal investments and execute your sustainable investing strategy.


Oblyon Finance provides advice and services to a wide range of established and growth-oriented businesses around the world. Oblyon Offerboard is an investment bank service that can steer your private placement offering toward success in a timely manner with a light touch experience, so you can work and raise capital at your pace. We will help with your regulatory compliance and ensure you provide your investors with the due diligence they expect so you find and attract both US and non-US investors under a compliant offering.

With experienced people and reliable technology, Oblyon Offerboard assists clients throughout the investment process to achieve optimal results.


Oblyon Finance joins forces with Entoro Capital, launching an International Financial Technology investment platform. Oblyon Offerboard revolutionizes investment banking services creating a direct, secure, transparent and cost-efficient connection between asset allocation opportunities and qualified investors.

A flexible and highly focused business model allows Oblyon to maximize the value creation while reducing costs and time to market with no prejudice to the quality of services and the commitment of the professionals and market experts called to devise, monitor and execute every investment project.

Leveraging on the experience gained in the art financing market Oblyon is now expanding operations to a whole array of alternative asset classes.

Advanced technology, state of the art governance and risk management applied to valuable off-market investment opportunities.

Every Investment should be an Adventure,
a Discovery and a Journey.



Oblyon utilizes the OfferBoard platform to connect Issuers with Investors that have successfully completed our vetting and review process. Oblyon OfferBoard provides flexibility, convenience and security while increasing engagement and streamlining what has traditionally been a laborious process.

Investment opportunities go through a rigorous due diligence process involving industry experts before they are placed on the Oblyon OfferBoard. This process allows accredited and qualified investors to review multiple project details and investment criteria with confidence after signing and returning the Non-disclosure agreement.